A Week Off

Hello, Dear Denizens of the Deep, I’ve reluctantly decided to take this week off of posting a comic page. ‘Tis the season for surprises, and I got a rush commission for a book cover this week (yay!) that used up pretty much all my available time and art-creating energies (boo!). Also, ’tis the season for art events and such, and I was involved as a participant in three such extravaganzas this weekend. *whew*! I am now a person-shaped puddle of jelly with my feet up on a pillow.

So rather than drawing the next-to-last page of this dramatic scene between our youthful mer-rascals with a shaking hand and drooping eyelids, I’m going to rest up for a couple of days, get back on track, and provide you with the next bit of the story at the regular time next week.

In the meantime, I’ll give you a sneak peek at what kept me from the ongoing undersea shenanigans — a book cover for a new Spam, the Cat story by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. I took progress scans as I was going along, and will be doing a blog post over on my other blog about that, but remember, you saw it here first! I’ll post a link when I get the in-progress post done, which will also tell you where you can get this fun seasonal e-story.

And yes, it has nothing to do with Mermaids, but hey… cats! And a raccoon!

UPDATE: It’s up on Amazon already!
If you’re in Canada, here’s the link.
For US Amazon, go to this link.

It’s probably up for other countries as well; just do a search on whatever link to Amazon you usually use.

UPDATE 2: Finally got around to making that blog post about the process!

Spam & Spooks w lettering flat.jpg