About Me

Hi, I’m Karen Gillmore, and I am both the writer and the artist for this comic.

I grew up drawing pictures of dinosaurs, equines with and without horns and/or wings, cats, wizards, aliens, dragons that looked rather like dinosaurs, and even a few mermaids. I astounded and distressed my third-grade teacher by colouring horses purple instead of brown. Many years later (many), I’m still at it!

In the last few years I’ve illustrated two children’s books about sea life (which coincidentally looks a lot like aliens), a lot of book covers, some album covers, posters, a couple of video projects, and a full-length graphic novel about a purranormal cat detective, Spam and the Sasquatch, in collaboration with author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. I’ve also published two comics collections of solo work, Telling Tales and Muse. My current big project is writing and drawing this long-form fantasy webcomic, which will contain ships, strange magic, leviathans, sea horses, at least one cat, and lots and lots of mermaids. Mermaid Music will be published serially, and eventually as a graphic novel.

I have another blog, Karen Gillmore Art, in which I do a lot of tutorials and ruminating about artist-life stuff — have a look! You can also see some of my other comics by looking at the links in the top menu bar there.

Me in my studio, with my li'l buddy Spam, a polymer clay maquette I made of the protagonist of Spam and the Sasquatch.

Me in my studio, with my li’l buddy Spam, a polymer clay maquette I made of the protagonist of Spam and the Sasquatch. And yes, I always look this crazed. Except in the morning, when I just look stunned.

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