Chapter Three — Interlude

Mermaid Music ch3.1.jpg

Page 80 — The farmer’s return to the sea

And we’re off again on our main story! I really enjoyed finally getting to draw the back of Root’s houseboat, and the scene across the dock from her. It was hard getting it to look like dawn, though, as she is docked facing northwest; I settled for some early risers having the lights on, and the sun just starting to light up the hilltop. Notice the name of the houseboat — in light of the short story just before this, guess what she used to pay for her boat! I guess that will be the sequel…

I’ve added some new items to the menu: The Mermaid Blog is all the posts that are not comics; they also appear on the home page underneath the current comic page. In case you missed it, I just posted a week’s worth of tiny downloadable mermaid paintings on the blog.

I also created a comics archive, as there isn’t a native one built into this theme (the archives widget in the sidebar goes to the blog posts — go figure! this is a comics theme!). So I built one as a page and stuck it in the menu. You can link to any past comics page from there, and there are little hints (but not spoilers, I hope) to guide you to the page you are looking for.

I have also been working on some background writing, which I hope to be adding to the menu soon. I hope you enjoyed the Root Redwing story as much as I enjoyed having a bit of time to catch up on some of the background work.

PS — for those who are interested in such stuff, I tried out a new watercolour paint for this page. It’s made by Daniel Smith company, and it’s called Lunar Blue. I used it for the rocks in the background, and for mixing with other colours in the two rooftops. It does that neat granulated textural thing all by itself!

Chapter Two — Daybreak

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Page 78 — Whelk is on her own now, and possibly a bit relieved!

And that concludes Chapter Two—an eventful day and night on both sides of the waves! Our story will resume in late February with Chapter Three, but I will not leave you bereft of undersea adventures in the meantime—I’m going to be posting, every Monday as usual, a story about Aunt Root that was originally published last spring in the Kraken Komiks anthology, and from which I published a few teasers in the blog section. The six-month publishing exclusive is now over, and I can reveal to you the full story!

The story takes place at an earlier time in Root’s career, when she was a young trader plying the waters of the islands on the edge of the Sun’s-Rest Sea. It is related to our current story down the line a bit, but it would be a spoiler to tell you just how at this point.

For myself, I’ll be using the time to make some changes to the website; there are some background pages I’d like to add, some tweaks to the organization to do, and a few teeny bloopers I’ve noticed in the art that I’d like to fix. I’ll probably post on the blog a bit, too, and let you know how things are going. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy “Root Redwing and the Thieves of Kettle Bay”!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season—stay warm (or cool, if you’re in the southern hemisphere!), hug your loved ones, be they two-legged or four, and remember to be kind to yourself!

Chapter Two — Over the Waves

First Root's disdain for her brother's choice, then Bone's Jo's sneering, and now even Cook? What is wrong with farming?

Page 72 — First Root’s disdain for her brother’s choice, then Bone’s Jo’s sneering, and now even Cook? What is wrong with farming?

Hi everyone, welcome to the new posting schedule! Now you can face Monday morning with a brief break for a breath of bracing salt sea air aboard the Mermaid!