Chapter Three: Annabelle Hunter

Mermaid Music 3.11

Page 90 — Annabelle is a famous baker, and knows the way to Jones’ heart!

Mermaid Music will be on hold for a few weeks due to a last-minute brainstorm I had about the next scene which will require some rewriting. See this blog post for details (and a nice sketch of the guesthouse).

Chapter Two — Over the Waves

First Root's disdain for her brother's choice, then Bone's Jo's sneering, and now even Cook? What is wrong with farming?

Page 72 — First Root’s disdain for her brother’s choice, then Bone’s Jo’s sneering, and now even Cook? What is wrong with farming?

Hi everyone, welcome to the new posting schedule! Now you can face Monday morning with a brief break for a breath of bracing salt sea air aboard the Mermaid!

Chapter Two — Over the Waves


Page 71 — No wonder Bones-Jo is so crabby! Can it be a plot?

I’m celebrating! Last week I finally finished the children’s book project I’ve been working on since late Spring; the projected release date is this coming April, so stay tuned. Although I really enjoyed the work (which involved lots of sea creatures, boats, and big waves!), I’m so happy to be able to concentrate on comics again, and especially Mermaid Music. These pages have been in my head since forever and it’s a sheer pleasure to be getting them out onto paper!

Chapter Two — Over the Waves

Page 34 — more Mysterious Shadowy Figures! Oh, it's only Cook *whew*!

Page 70 — more Mysterious Shadowy Figures! Oh, it’s only Cook *whew*!

While I’m working on comics, I sometimes listen to podcasts (not while I’m doing the lettering!). This week I’ve been listening a lot to a guy named Will Terry, whose you tube channel has a lot of really good information for illustrators and comics artists. If you are one of those, you might want to check him out!