Lost Behind the Ink Cloud

“Oh! Surprise! Didn’t see you there… Uh, hello, Denizens of the Deep, we interrupt this comic to tell you that we’re — ”
“definitely not stealing apples and stuff off of Root’s boat or any docks whatsoever!”
No, no, my eight-armed friend, what we really want to say is that our creator is still working behind the scenes on our story, and —”
“what is behind the scenes? Is that like when I hide behind my ink cloud?”
— well, yes, sort of, she is using ink to make our story! She wants us to be patient and find stuff to keep us busy in the meantime. She’ll be back soon.”
“What’s soon? A turn of the tide? A turn of the sun? A turn of the moon?”
“I don’t know, these land-people have a different sense of time than we do. Let’s just go keep busy, and see if we can find some more land-stuff that’s fallen in the water.”
“Now you’re talking, two-arms!”

mermaid and octopus3.jpg

Yes, folks, I’m still alive! — I’ve just been snowed under with a veritable tempest of other projects, including scripting ahead on this one. But the clouds are parting, and the sun is shining on the glittering waters of free time again. So, more than a tide, less than a moon, and I’ll begin posting here again. — Karen