The Artist is Human

Hello readers, just a quick post here to let you know what’s going on. I’m forced, with much blushing, to admit being human (not that I’ve been posing as a mermaid or anything). My superpowers seem to be on the fritz right now, and I have been too ill all week to do much art. With much regret, I’m going to switch back to a once-a-week schedule for a while to give myself time to heal and address some long-term health issues. The story will continue, though — I have so much good stuff planned! I will post weekly on Monday mornings, beginning this Monday, and hopefully resume the twice weekly postings within a month or so.  Thanks for sticking with me, and Sami and the crew!

Here's a bit of my past seashore art to keep you in the mood!

Here’s a bit of my past seashore art to keep you in the mood!
“Dancing Starfish” — acrylic on canvas

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