New Year, Fresh Start!

Hi folks! Happy 2016! Mermaid Music is about to be back in the swing of things, and it’s appropriate to be starting a new subplot at the beginning of the year! I’ve got a nice buffer of pages drawn, and am right now finishing up the painting of the page of which I posted the inked version, oh, too many moons ago. *blush* I didn’t mean to take so long, but my art life has been very busy — just to prove it to myself, I wrote a post on my main blog about all the art stuff I have done in the last year.

I’ll be posting once a week, on Mondays. At one point I was posting more often, but that was part of what led to my burnout, and I felt that I wasn’t able to do the justice to the art that I wanted to do. I really care a lot about this story, and I’ve decided it’s more important to give each page all I can rather than giving myself too-tight deadlines. I have enough of those in other parts of my art life! It’s nice, and I think important, to have one project where I can give myself permission to relax into the process.

So stay tuned, and for those of you who have subscribed, you will start getting those weekly story updates in your inboxes again on Monday! I’ll be scheduling posts for 6 AM PST. In the meantime, here’s a fishy doodle, on the back of one of my band’s Christmas set lists, done during the open stage prior to our feature set. You can have some fun trying to decipher what we played!

I've had cats on the brain lately; we are currently catless, and I've been drawing a LOT of them. Here's some for the mermaids.

I’ve had cats on the brain lately; we are currently catless, and I’ve been drawing a LOT of them. Here’s some for the mermaids.

7 thoughts on “New Year, Fresh Start!

    • Hi Tamara! The list was the set list for my band, Rig-A-Jig, for our Christmas/Yule/Solstice set. It reads basically as follows (with a few additions to make it more comprehensible to a non-band member):


      1. In praise of Christmas (Drive the Cold Winter Away)/Hullichans Jig
      2. O’Donnel Abhu/Bellknap’s March/Meeting of the Waters
      3, Boar’s Head Processional
      4. Masters in this Hall
      5. Gloucestershire Wassail
      6. 12th Night Waltz
      7. Small Coals, Little Money
      8. Zat You, Santa Clause?
      9. The Night Before Christmas Rap
      10. Christmas in Mexico
      11. Valse de Jouet
      12. Michelle’s and Caroline’s Jigs
      13. Santa Baby
      14. Mince Meat Tart
      15. Winter Garden/Winter’s Hymn
      encore: Jesusita en Chihuahua (Mexican Polka)

      If you’d like to check out some of these numbers, we posted a few them on our Facebook Page.

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