Merbaby and Friend

Here’s the fifth in the week-long series of A Mermaid a Day sketch cards for you to download! Hope this chubby little mer-tot tickles your fancy! Please see the permissions blurb below:

mermaid sketch card 5.jpg


You have my permission to use, for personal use only, any of these to make home-printed stickers, postcards, iron-on patches, place cards for a mermaid party — if your home printer can do it, have at it! You can even use them for your avatar on social media, if you credit me. Just don’t sell them or print them commercially or remove my teeny imprint, please.  The originals of these are tiny, 2.5 x 3.5 inches, so don’t expect them to print large; I’ve uploaded them at full resolution, though, so they should be suitable for small uses as mentioned above.